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Europe's largest menorah at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany, inaugurated on 16 December 2014


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So, perhaps lost in the media frenzy of the Peshawar school massacre and the deliberate murders in the false flag, Lindt Cafe "siege" in Sydney, was the incredibly newsworthy item of the inauguration of Europe's largest Jewish menorah, at the symbolic site of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


The first night's candle shines boldly and brightly over a site once marked by Nazi hatred. (Photo: David Osipov)


Quote: - Thousands in Wintry Berlin Show for Menorah-Lighting at Brandenburg Gate

Berlin residents, visitors and dignitaries join in Chabad-run event

By Staff | December 18, 2014 10:18 AM

Despite a temperature that hovered near the freezing point, thousands of people from all across Berlin and beyond gathered in the shadow of Germany’s Brandenburg Gate on Dec. 16—the first night of Chanukah—to light a 30-foot giant menorah, which was newly constructed and inaugurated just last year.

Well above the crowd, Chabad-Lubavitch of Berlin’s director, Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, was joined by German Interior Minister Dr. Thomas de Maiziere in a cherry picker that hoisted them high enough to kindle the first flame of what has been officially declared the tallest menorah in Europe.

For about a decade now, Chabad has lit a menorah on this site once marked by Nazi power, hatred and racism.

Many in the crowd below—representing a rainbow of communities—held torches, symbolizing their participation in the holiday ritual and exhibiting that light can overcome darkness.

Other dignitaries present included governing Mayor Michael Müller; Israeli Ambassador Yakov Hadas-Handelsman; and German parliament members Maria Böhmer and Petra Pau.



The - Europe’s Biggest Menorah Stands at Brandenburg Gate in Germany Where Nazi Rallies Took Place

December 23, 2014 4:07 pm

Europe’s largest menorah is erected in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, a site once marked by hatred and racism where Nazi rallies took place.

“In the center of Germany, Europe’s largest menorah and one of the largest menorahs in the world stands tall at over 30 feet saying that light will always at the end prevail,” said Rabbi Yeuhuda Teichtal, head of the Chabad Lubavitch orthodox community in Berlin. “The message is today, with all the challenges we face, with all the anti-Semitic acts we unfortunately have to experience, nevertheless we are here and we will continue with acts of goodness and kindness.”

Thousands of Berliners gathered outside on Dec. 16 to watch Teichtal and German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere light the first Hanukkah candle on the menorah. Other dignitaries present at the ceremony included Mayor Michael Müller, Israeli Ambassador Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, and German parliament members Maria Böhmer and Petra Pau. Chabad has lit a menorah on same site for over a decade, reported.

Teichtal told NPR Berlin there is nothing more symbolic than lighting the candles in front of the Brandenburg Gate, which he described as “a center of darkness and of evil where Hitler stood.”

“Today, 5,000 people, coming with the Minister of the Interior of Germany and the Mayor of Berlin, said that light will win over darkness and democracy over tyranny,” he said after the lighting ceremony on Dec. 16. He told the crowd that gathered, “We’re here and we’re proud, living in a land of democracy and respect.”

Teichtal moved to Germany from the U.S. 18 years ago because the country needed new rabbis, according to NPR Berlin. He set up Germany’s first yeshiva, or Jewish school, since the Nazis shut them down in the 1940s. New rabbis are now graduating in Germany at a new rabbinical college in Potsdam.

Germany’s Jewish community is widely considered to be the fastest growing Jewish community in the world, NPR Berlin reported. A few thousand Jews survived in Germany after World War II but now more than 200,000 live in the country. The biggest local community is in Berlin and includes many Israelis who moved to Germany from Tel Aviv.



Poor germans… they will pay hard for still 1000 years.

Nine middle fingers to Humanity, what an insult to the defeated beleaguered Germany. I hope it gets knocked down like a Palestinians home.


While a crucifix would incite the yowls of all secularists, democrats, anti-Christians and other self-annointed goodniks, the religiuos symbol of the Menorah does not.

There is something very, very wrong here.

The erection of the symbols of Jewish triumph, also at the White House, is deeply disturbing.


What an affront to the Germans.


It certainly is an affront when you consider the Jews betrayed Germany in WW1 and in 1933. Plus when you realize through some research that Hitler was attempting to avoid war with generous offers to Poland to settle the Danzig Corridor impasse. All attempts by Hitler, including a standing offer for peace with Britain and France were being sabotaged by collusion between Churchill and Roosevelt to bring Germany to war.


German is not a free nation, but an occupied nation,under eternal foreign control as is evident when one reads the details on the results and decisions after the Nuremburg War crime’s trial,etc.The present German government is a big con job on the German populace.


Here in the US, Christians, who make up the vast majority of the population, are forbidden to display their religious symbols on public ground during their Holidays, such as Christmas; and Christmas carols are banned from public schools; so are religious symbols such as the Nativity scenes. Yet, Jews are free to display their Menorahs on public ground during Hanukkah.

The US, as a Constitutional Republic, may not institute a state religion, only guarantee religious liberty; that means, the state is not permitted under the Constitution to ban any religious symbols on public ground during a religious holiday. This includes Christian symbols during Christmas. If a Menorah can be displayed during Hanukkah, certainly, a Nativity scene can be displayed during Christmas. This is religious liberty, a fundamental right. What the US has done within the past six years is that it has violated this fundamental right to religious freedom by instituting Judaism as the state religion.

Right now, there’s a 20-foot high Menorah in front of the White House for everyone to see; but there’s no Nativity scene; and, it’s Christmas.

Something’s terribly wrong here.


Half of Europe has had their free speech neutered.

Not “allowed” to say 6-4=2.


6-4=6 and if you say anything different you’ll be arrested and prosecuted.

Very impressive.


I guess they don’t call us sheep for nothing.

So, that's the kind of thing the Jews are doing in Germany.

And, this is probably the main reason why they did what they did, where they did and when they did it:


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