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Lightbulb Müller

Müller is a lunar impact crater. It is located in the highlands near the center of the Moon, in the center of the triangle formed by the much larger craters Albategnius, Ptolemaeus, and Hipparchus. To the east lies Halley, while to the northwest is Gyldén..The rim of this crater is irregular and slightly oblong, with the long dimension oriented along a north–south axis. The southeastern rim is notched by two smaller craters identified as Müller A and Müller O..Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this crater is the peculiar linear formation of small craters that starts at the southern edge of Müller's rim. These follow a line to the northwest, tangential to the rim of Ptolemaeus..The German word Müller means "miller" (as a profession).. It is the most common family surname in Germany, Switzerland, and the French départements of Bas-Rhin and Moselle (with the spelling Müller or Muller) and is the 5th most common surname in Austria..The hairdresser Erwin Franz Müller founded his company in Ulm on 5 March 1953..

Dr. J. W. Müller is the evil German psychiatrist whose position and qualifications serve as a cover for more villainous activities, including that of mistreatment of patients, counterfeiting and later criminal mercenary..Hergé considered Müller "a Rastapopoulos figure prepared to risk his own life"..Müller frequently uses profanities such as “Kruzitürken” that are of Bavarian origin, suggesting his background to be Bavarian or Austrian, but he could also be Swiss, South-Tirol Italian or even American..Dr. Müller is based on Dr. Georg Bell, a Nazi counterfeiter of Scottish descent whom Hergé had learned about from the February 1934 issue of Crapouillot, an important source of information for him at the time... knot's like everything else, I just found the rope and I did it.. The same way I can, I can read, I can write.. I can add, subtract.. I can make coffee.. I can shuffle cards.. I can set up a chessboard...
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