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The Alchemical Wedding + You..Physical life is created by the union of outward flowing semen in men with the transmigrating egg in women. This unconscious intercourse produces a new human being... When a man prevents the outward flow of semen during sexual practice while drawing the orgasmic energy upward the subtle body can become manifest. The subtle body is in this way enlivened with ching power. Being slowly coalesces there; the immortal fetus is born... Consciousness, feeling and sensation are able to precipitate there...This marriage of the King and Queen is seen as an allegory for the enlivening processes going on inside the alchemical vessel... Indeed many a chaste Medieval Christian alchemist was barred by religious prejudice from discovering even the possibility of sublimating orgasmic energy...


THE self-admitted author of The Chemical Marriage, Johann Valentin Andreæ, born in Württemberg in 1586, was twenty-8 years of age when that work was first published. It was presumably written about twelve years prior to its publication--or when the author was 15 or 16 years old.. The fact is almost incredible that one so young could produce a volume containing the wealth of symbolic thought and philosophy hidden between the lines of The Chemical Marriage. This book makes the earliest known reference to Christian Rosencreutz, and is generally regarded as the third of the series of original Rosicrucian manifestoes. As a symbolic work, the book itself is hopelessly irreconcilable with the statements made by Andreæ concerning it. The story of The Chemical Marriage relates in detail a series of incidents occurring to an aged man, presumably the Father C.R.C. of the Fama and Confessio. If Father C.R.C. was born in 1378, as stated in the Confessio, and is identical with the Christian Rosencreutz of The Chemical Marriage, he was elevated to the dignity of a Knight of the Golden Stone in the 80-first year of his life (1459). In the light of his own statements, it is inconceivable that Andreæ could have been Father Rosy Cross...Queen Of The Highway - Tube...! What happened?I got captured by tribesmen.. Don't be such clever dickie!.Blimey!.. Did they Give you a hard time?..Yes,they gave me a carpet Rash!...

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