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Default Crypto Videos

These dogmen and squatch videos of late. I have been seeing a great deal of artwork. They are fuzzy. Pausing on so called pictures abstract humans are all over them. Government psyop? I think so. Are they trying to shift the blame to mythical creatures instead of traffickers in the rural areas and forests?

My challenge to them all shoot one correctly and get a crypto expert in to get the body. I am tired of excuses. Spring turkey and no one could deliver a Jersey Devil in Pennsylvania. The reason is there is no Jersey Devil in Pennsylvania. Eastern PA was hunted very heavy to bring one back.

Keep your eyes on the crooks in government. Get out a gun capable of proving your claims. The TV show where they were going to catch cryptids and they showed a goat man banging his head on a tree. 300 yard shot to part his wish bone and they did not take it. BS!

I would not doubt the government is releasing hybrids to harass the people for Agenda 21/2030 and we went out there to get proof and there was none.

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