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Default The real evil is not what you are led to believe..

So the Perfect Planet ‘story’ is more of a parable in an attempt to show the difference between the way human beings presently engage with each other [society] and a potential way in which we could engage.

Being that it is Utopian in nature, such is generally considered to be fantasy – non realistic etc.

However, it is not so much non realistic as it is the case that we are conditioned creatures who are taught to think and subsequently act/react in a certain way [inside the box] and thus we believe everything inside that box is *realistic* and all concepts outside of that box are thus unrealistic, even that potentially it is clear we could create such a society.

If we were to take the story as ‘how humans will live together in the future’ and then reverse engineer the concept to present day, we can understand clearly what now prevents us from achieving this kind of society of equality, preservation and mutual consensus, and in doing so we can pinpoint exactly what it is that prevents this from being a reality.

Ultimately it becomes clear that the problem is far more local than we are led to believe.

Conspiracy theories often focus upon a conglomerate of super powerful and influential individuals who are steering humanity toward a [particular] future according to their ‘evil’ agendas and just as often those peddling CT have no answers as to how we can prevent this agenda of the so called ‘Powers That Be’ [PTB] from coming to fruition. The most they can advise is that we become ‘spiritual’ and the more people who do so, the harder it will be for these PTBs to accomplish their evil agenda.

However, given the so called ‘powers’ ascribed to these individuals and corporations, ‘spirituality’ is nothing overly useful as a tool to redirect the present course of humanity away from the prescribed end game these supposed evil overlords have tirelessly worked toward achieving since ancient times.

This is to say that millions and millions of *good* people all over the world working together for the good of each other will not have any affect on the outcome of their very own demise into the prison system of suppression and enslavement by the PTB who own them.

This is largely because all those ‘good’ people are in debt to that establishment and the present systems which control them cause them NOT to be good to one another, but rather to rip each other off, use each other to support the agenda of the various groups which exist in competition with one another and to be ‘good’ those groups and individuals would have to – all together – renege on the debts and find an alternative system in which to do things – in which to organise and run their societies.

Thus the problem isn’t the few PTBs in positions of power and influence over everyone else. The problem is far more local and comprised of individuals and groups within the neighbourhoods who use their neighbours as a means to consolidate their own positions of influence within those communities.

Even if there were say...12 individuals who represented the mega urber-rich, money is no object, powerful and untouchable and these ones where all for humanity getting its shit together and building a Utopian system of equality, the layer of human society between those 12 and the billions of poor which exist to provide the lifestyles of that layer of human society can use every means of method available to them to make sure that never happens.

Thus they can twist and pervert information and in doing so can sell a story to those poor who exist to provide the lifestyles of those doing the perverting and twisting of information that the ‘enemy’ is really the 12 individuals and that they (the bullshit twisters) are powerless to do anything about that.

So the focus goes off the seen and becomes a powerful evil that even the merely urber rich cannot do anything about. A slight of hand manoeuvre which generates hatred toward what amounts to a bunch of strawmen oppressors at the very top when the actual oppressors are far more visible and easy to spot as the real offenders, but for the fact that the poor generally are conditioned to believe that the real evil is unseen.

In effect we are wilfully creating our own prison.

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