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Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
Some universities actually still train Illuminati candidates directly within the college.... just as the CIA did to Ted Kaczynski. I know this because it happened to me while doing a PGCE at a certain London based college.

In theory one person can train another person. However they tend to use groups of people because this is part of their principle 'surprise and ambush' technique, or also the Delphi technique where they deliberately alienate you from the 'group' in order to force you to mould your beliefs to fit-in.
Would you agree that this method of recruitment would be the minions, but if dedicated, could be made up to be a puppet like Blair, as I'm not sure if he actually has all the inside information, or if he is bloodline.
Man everywhere seem to be caught in the denial of reality. They fear the awful truth and are turning a blind eye… .Therefore, they avoid it and cast it from their minds and consciousness.
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