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Originally Posted by twilight_sparkle View Post
No, they don't. Firstly they are looking for bloodlines. It is important to them to propagate their DNA. For reasons David explains very succinctly, the bloodlines give them the ability to act as conduits for " unseen forces". A lot of people are sceptical about demonic possession, but the elite take this very seriously. The bloodlines see " normal" people as either cattle, or if you are a woman, breeding stock. ( Look at what happened to Princess Diana!) I would hazard a guess that it would be easier for a woman who is non bloodline to enter the Illuminati as a wife or brood mare than it would be for a man, but I would not expect her to have a happy life. (For the reasons I mentioned before, they often mate with non bloodline women to preserve their appearance of humanity)

The qualities most valued by the " Illuminati" are those normally associated with psychopaths. Lack of empathy and lack of emotion are high on the list. They need people who are ruthless and cruel, and to rise high in their ranks you need to exhibit the Machiavelli principle. Most high ranking officers in the police force and military are clinical psychopaths. In terms of intelligence, it is more important to them that you follow orders and do not exercise creative, right brained thought.
I agree 100% with your post TS.

They are egotistical psychopath's who would desire nothing more than having us human beings as cyborgs to do their bidding.
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