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There will always be rich people and always be poor people.

But it seems over the last decade things have got a lot worse for the working class and the people below them.

House prices have increased massively
Wages have not increased
Gas and Electricity have increased massively
Good Food has gone up, junk food hasn't
Inflation has not moved at all (which proves their figures are all lies)
Food banks being used by working people

Whilst the local councillors, MPs, Euro MPs and all the other folk on the gravy train have never had it so good, most people have lost out.

I will save the UN a lot of money and time and tell their staff not to bother coming to the UK to investigate poverty here.

It does exist, and on a large scale, all over the country. The main reason being the ruling class don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, and the country as a whole is still bailing out the rich banks.

Meanwhile working people are going to foodbanks, and people who don't work are going to food banks. Benefits haven't gone up, as inflation hasn't gone up (honest). Add to this a cruel government that wanted to stop peoples benefits for trivial matters to get the benefits figure down.

I am sure the UN report will be a lot more glamourous than everything I have just typed, and it will use all the latest buzz words throughout and be printed on huge reams of glossy paper, but will it tell the truth or will it just be more lies to cover up how the UK really is?
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