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Sherlok's post on Doppelganger's:

Rosie was branded crazy by the media when she dared to question
the Iraq war, the Bush administration, 9/11 and other taboo

She "left" (was fired) from her daytime show and remained mostly
out of sight for a time.

Now "Rosie" is back with her new prime time variety show and promises
not to discuss politics "because it's not the best use of my talents."

Maybe she hasn't been replaced -- I'm not sure, but she sure seems
to be re-programmed:

She even jokes about being crazy in the promos for her new show
They also replace people with doubles. For many years they recruited look-alikes who would serve their ends. Now they are perfecting cloning technology that will let them replace anybody.
(The Illuminati by Abner Whateley)
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