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Originally Posted by reverendsquid View Post
Ah, but how can you be sure it's completely random? Why did you choose to saw your own leg off, rather than pretending to be Marie Antoinette or deciding to live underground in a burrow, like a mole? Your unconscious mind will play a part in any thoughts you have, and any decision you make.

I suppose, if you wanted to perform a completely random act, you'd have to get someone else to make a list, and then roll a dice or flip a coin to see which one you were going to do. And even then, I'm sure some people would say that your unconscious would play a part in the person you chose, and maybe even how you rolled the dice or flipped the coin...

Otherwise, I agree, I think there's always an element of choice, even though your choices may be limited. If that makes sense.
Basically the plot of 'The Dice man' then?
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