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Good one 2013!!!

DEE and BACON are two of my 'favourite' MASTER DECEIVERS.
There is no real evidence that the actor Will Shakspere was the author of the Shakespeare works attributed to him. On the other hand it was common in the 16th/17th centuries for courtiers and noblemen to write anonymously or under pseudonyms, often symbolical, and sometimes to make use of living people as masks for their secret authorship.

‘Shakespeare’, particularly when printed with a hyphen as ‘Shake-speare’, as it often was on the title-pages of plays, is a clear indication of a symbolic pseudonym. It is the literal meaning of Pallas Athena, the name of the goddess who is the Supreme Muse (or Tenth Muse) of Poetry and the Arts, and who, together with her companion Apollo, is represented in myth as shaking her lance at the dragon of ignorance—a reference which Ben Jonson used in his tributory poem to the Author in the First Folio of Shakespeare plays.

The Shakespeare Memorial at Stratford-upon-Avon likens the Bard to Nestor, Socrates and Virgil. Nestor was a renowned statesman, lawyer and judge. Socrates was acclaimed in his own time as the greatest of all philosophers and proclaimed by the Delphic oracle as the wisest of mankind. He was the advocate of clarity and the inductive procedure, was famed as an orator and wrote plays under the mask of another living person. Virgil was an initiate of the Ancient Mysteries, basing his writings upon them, and was acclaimed as the Prince of Latin Poets. He also is said to have written under the mask of another person. These comparisons are obviously not chosen by chance.

The evidence within the plays shows that the author was:-

educated at Cambridge University, which fact is confirmed by a contemporary scholar, William Clerke, who implies in his Polimanteia that the author ‘sweet Shak-speare’ was a graduate of Cambridge University and a fine classical scholar;
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