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Is the genocide of unborn males to be encouraged?

what sex would women most opt to give birth to?

Sex-selective abortions should be allowed at any stage, says BMA ethics professor

'It is the women’s right to decide. It's her body. She is the one taking the risks,' says Wendy Savage
Katie [email protected]
8 hours ago

There is no evidence sex-selective abortion is a problem in the UK, reproductive rights campaigners have said following criticism over calls for pregnant women to be told the sex of their foetus.

Senior doctors’ union member Wendy Savage said it was “outrageous” that some doctors withheld information about the gender of unborn babies due to fears over sex-selective abortions.

Conservative MP Mark Field called Professor Savage’s views “extreme” and told the newspaper: “Suggesting that women should be able to abort babies solely because they happen to be either male or, much more usually, female, is utterly abhorrent.

"To have someone like Wendy Savage with her extreme views at the heart of the BMA is a very worrying sign. The majority of people in this country, even those who support abortion, think sex-selective abortion is a step too far.”

And pro-life campaigner Aisling Hubert said it was “incredibly disturbing and very worrying that [Professor Savage] would see children as little more than a commodity to fit the wants and the fancies of parents,” according to Christian magazine Premier.
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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