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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
wow...ok lets break that down

first off i have only been around a certain amount of time ok?

was i alive when the 'white man' (ie freemasonic establishment, babylonian brotherhood bloodlines) were pushing their imperialist endevours across the globe?

No i wasn' you can't blame me for not saying that was an emergency

You CAN hear me speak about how indigenous peoples were affected by outside influences including in my native scotland where the gaelic culture was genocided and the people attacked, driven from their lands, raped and slaughtered

The christian church was forced upon them and children were rapped on the knuckles if they spoke gealic at school


All these things are bad

Was it all the 'white man' as if white men have some internal coding that is faulty? No it wasn't. There were dispicable crimes oging on all over the world

The central americans were cutting each others hearts out to the reptillian gods. There was cannibalism in some parts.

In africa there was inter-tribal warfare and widespread taking of slaves

The polynesian islanders were cutting off each others heads and collecting them as trophies

The asians had warfare and slavery

so lets stop with this 'white man' disease crap

White men did gain a technological advantage which enabled them to get a leg up on other cultures yes becasue europe was such a densely packed area it had the right combination of factors to produce a vigorous, innovative and outward looking culture that explored the world and yes there was COMPETITION and violence

The incas were conquered by a handful of spaniards because those spaniards were hardened soldiers forged in the fires of a warring europe where the weak died from disease in the cramped conditions; the incas didn;t know what hit em. Also those soldiers had steel and gunpowder and horses. Would the empire building incas have conquered euroep if they coudl? why not ask the various people they subjugated into their territories?

You should watch the documentary 'guns, germs and steel' to get some perspectives on why europe was so successful in the power games that have plagued humanity

but yes we are in an emergency now just as those indigenous people were then

Many of the people here are the aboriginal people but for some reason their suffering does not count and it is because of political corretcness which says that only white people can be racist and only non white people can be victims

And it is skewed that way because its aim is to destroy white people

But lets be clear...this emergency is not just affecting white people
The book is better than the film, also Jarred's book called collapse.

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