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The stained glass window Penmynydd..
The Tudors are descended on Henry VII's mother's side from John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset, one of the illegitimate children of the 14th century English prince John of Gaunt (the third surviving son of Edward III) by Gaunt's long-term mistress Katherine Swynford.. The descendants of an illegitimate child of English royalty would normally have no claim on the throne, but the situation was complicated when Gaunt and Swynford eventually married in 1396, when John Beaufort was 25.. The church retroactively declared the Beauforts legitimate by way of a papal bull the same year, confirmed by an Act of Parliament in 1397.. A subsequent proclamation by John of Gaunt's legitimate son, Henry IV, also recognised the Beauforts' legitimacy but declared them ineligible ever to inherit the throne..Nevertheless, the Beauforts remained closely allied with Gaunt's legitimate descendants from his first marriage, the House of Lancaster..

Arms of the Tudors..

The Tudors of Penmynydd were a noble and aristocratic family, connected with the village of Penmynydd in Anglesey, North Wales, who were very influential in Welsh (and later English) politics..The family descended from Ednyfed Fychan (died in 1246), the Welsh warrior who became seneschal to the Kingdom of Gwynedd in North Wales, serving Llywelyn the Great and later his son Dafydd ap Llywelyn..In the 15th century, three of the Tudor brothers gave their allegiance to Owain, their first cousin as their mothers were sisters and also descended from many of the native Welsh princes including Llewellyn the Great: Rhys ap Tudur, Gwilym ap Tudur & Maredudd ap Tudur (great grandfather of Henry VII).. Following Glynd?r's demise, much of the Tudors' lands were taken by the English Crown..

Desire 1936 Theatrical French Poster..

On 1 November 1455, John Beaufort's granddaughter, Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby, married Henry VI's half-brother Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond.. It was his father, Owen Tudor (Owain ap Maredudd ap Tudur ap Goronwy ap Tudur ap Goronwy ap Ednyfed Fychan), who abandoned the Welsh patronymic naming practice and adopted a fixed surname.. When he did, he did not choose, as was generally the custom, his father's name, Maredudd, but chose that of his grandfather, Tudur ap Goronwy, instead, corresponding to Germanic Theodoric..The name was Latinized as Theodoricus or Theodericus, originally from a Common Germanic form ("people-ruler")..After the end of Late Antiquity, during the 6th to 8th century there were also several kings of the Franks called Theodoric (or Theuderic)..The Dutch form Derek was used in England from the 15th century..The German form Dietrich was abbreviated to Dieter..The Welsh form Tudur is the origin of the name of the English Tudor dynasty..Owen Tudor was one of the bodyguards for the queen dowager Catherine of Valois, whose husband, Henry V, had died in 1422..Evidence suggests that the two were secretly married in 1429..The two sons born of the marriage, Edmund and Jasper, were among the most loyal supporters of the House of Lancaster in its struggle against the House of York.. Henry VI ennobled his half-brothers:December 1449 and was married to Margaret..Edmund became the first Earl of Richmond on 15 December 1449 and Jasper, Earl of Pembroke on 23 November 1452..Countess of Richmond and Derby, the great-granddaughter of John of Gaunt, the progenitor of the house of Lancaster; Jasper became the first Earl of Pembroke on 23 November 1452..Edmund died on 3 November 1456. On 28 January 1457, his widow Margaret Beaufort, who had just attained her fourteenth birthday, gave birth to a son, Henry Tudor, at her brother-in-law's Pembroke Castle... only evidence I see of the AuntieChrist here is everyones desire to see him at work..It's the name of the game these days..And what was the word you both kept mentioning?..

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