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Originally Posted by eternal_spirit View Post
Kblood I don't know enough about the Book of the dead to comment. Earlier prints/editions are mostly the best source, later editions may have been edited and parts removed. But, it can work the other way too, later editions may have been revised and extra parts/texts added, or reinterprated.
I would have to look it up, but I think the one I got was not written in eqyptian times, otherwise I guess I have read a Christian description of it, cuz it was to be about demon summoning. I doubt those ancient gods can be considered demons, but then the Egyptians probably did make agreements with powermongering aliens much like our goverments do today. So I guess they are refering to beings that has agendas of their own.

I guess that is topic for another thread though, I just dont feel like making it right now. Maybe I will just jump into the next ancient egyptian thread I find and post the theories there. I have seen alot of interesting videos, heard some fascinating radio casts, and read some interesting articles about it. With lots of somewhat good scientific evidence it seems.
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