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Originally Posted by berten60 View Post
I disabled wireless payments on my bankcard,
I don't trust this crap one bit.
The thing is:Under a certain amount no pin code is required.
Just wave the card above or around the card reader and payment is completed.
But those card readers can be carried around while connected via wireless.
So a hacker just has to pass you by,to leech your account...
You don't know what other code is attached once you allow contactless transaction at a store. For example, not just accepting payment, they might have an access to your statement! Who knows. It would be so naive to think that transaction stops at the single transaction. Hackers are there, 'mistake' are also encoded TILL it would be found out much later and they'll only appologize that it was an error but by the time the masses catches up on it, you've already allowed the company to obtain where else you shop, your spending habit etc. Just another....

I disabled mine if the bank did not provide me non-contactless card.

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