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Originally Posted by hunter77 View Post
i see what your saying, but isnt it better to have the skills to hunt ,fish ect than not to.
i think alot of people would stay in the cities and wait for the help that would obviously never come, then end up kiling each other.
imo survival is about giving yourself the best chance, so learning a few skills like trapping, fishing shooting and identifying wild forna can only help also how to prepare it.
as for igloos i think thas a bit far feched. but learning to build a shelter isnt a bad thing. as for your sarcasm bout this subject thats your perogative but dont take the piss out of us folk who'd rather shoot and collect a few wild meals rather than put our hrd earned into the hands of the powers that be
Bank holiday next weekend, so go and have a look in the countryside how just a few more people make a difference!! A lot will stay in the cities but lets say a lowly 10% leave each city and head out to the country , thats a lot of people.
I do about 280-450 miles per day in the countryside of glostershire, herefordshire, monmouth, gwent,(brecons) s wales, west wales,and mid wales. Very few places I would want to survive. In survive I mean eat,( with sustainable food sources) sleep, shelter( fuel for fires) and also defend the area.
Nothing wrong with a bit of hunting, fishing . Is that going to give you an edge, well it totally depends on the scenario that may happen eh.
Have you ever had to run for your life ?? Sorta focuses the mind quickly on survival in various different ways. Hopefully it will never come to that but if it does a major part of survival is your mental strength. In fact if you havent got the mental strength and the motivation lifes a bitch

Igloos !! Now that is irony saying its far fetched on this forum So possibly a super volcano could erupt dropping the temperture 5 or 6 degrees putting us on par with Canada, as we should be anyway if it wasnt for the gulf stream. It was only a few months ago I was standing in snow up to my waist. Now was that not far fetched if you said that was going to happen last summer.

Any way what Im saying is survival is not going to be how you think it is now. Fishing, snaring ,surviving unaposed without conflict of intrests with other people.

OH another thing people harp on here about is crossbows ffs.I fucked about with them once it was a panzer mk2 with sights ( yep not a tank) waste of frigging time. Even trialed them in the millitary unit I was with . Binned. Better than nothing correct thats about it tho

And your dogs slluuuurrrrp they make a nice curry Yep I do own a little terrier but no good to me in a survival situation when Im fighting for my life. The only good thing I would say for them is if its a settled static situation ie camp they will warn you of impending doom, but dont be supprised if its taken out.
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