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Originally Posted by margaretr View Post
According to the Mayan calendar the 'sh.t' will hit the fan Nov 2009 and will last almost a year
I am 66 now and do not have the stamina to move to a sparsly populated area and successfully survive there.
My only option is to stay put and survive with resources I can accumulate between now and then.
I am fortunate to live at the edge of a small town with a moorland stream within easy reach.
I have stockpiled food supplements and herbal remedies.
I am accumulating a supply of dried and tinned food.
I have bought a supply of vegetable seeds
I have bought a 13 gallon water carrier and water purification drops.
A problem is how I will keep warm? I do not have facilities for an open fire in my flat, so I will have to build a fire outside.
There is an area of woodland at the rear, but 'green wood' will not be burnable - I could burn my furniture in the back garden

By isolating myself I think I could survive for that year.
My only worry would be marauding gangs who would want my stores.
I live on 1st floor so am not as vulnerable as the ground floor residents, and I expect the pillaging will be directed at wealthy homes first.

Any suggestions to improve this plan will be appreciated.
To deal with those who want your rice and other goodies, I recommend getting a Pistol Crossbow. They're not expensive and you can buy 80lb self-cocking pistols which can be reloaded quickly.
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