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Margaret, we live in a small town (2,500 people) and figure to stay here. We know our close neighbors well, and we're all on the same page when it comes to what's happening in the world. Get to know your neighbors, have them over for tea, sound them out about "being prepared", weed out the "don't get its" and plan with the like-minded.

As far as keeping warm is concerned, head to the local "Army Surplus Store". You can probably buy a surplus "artic" sleeping bag (good to -20ºF) a whole lot cheaper than a new one from the sporting goods stores. If you have a dog, you'll have warning enough to get up before anyone can break into your home. You don't have to sleep in your clothes. Forget the "space blankets". They are overpriced, wear out quickly, and are good only for hikers who get lost.

A small camp stove will allow you to cook as needed. Don't burn your furniture, but if you have a garage or place to stack it, pick up the green wood that falls from the trees, saw it to convenient lengths, and stack it in a dry place outside with good ventilation to dry. Or as an alternative to wood, you can try this:

The dog is a great idea but you don't need the "Hound of the Baskervilles" to accomplish the dual mission of early warning and deterrent. Something the size of a Lakeland Terrier (terriers are very territorial) will work wonders and still not be too big to feed and clean up after. The local RSPCA shelter can probably provide you with a suitable dog.

While I like the idea of a hatchet, an axe might be better... the longer handle puts more distance between you and a possible attacker (who'll be busy prying the dog off of his leg anyway).

As you look at your preparations, you'll always be thinking of what else you need. However, you're already far ahead of 90% of the population right now!

If you have questions, PM me!

"If at first you don't secede, try, try again!"

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