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Originally Posted by margaretr View Post
According to the Mayan calendar the 'sh.t' will hit the fan Nov 2009 and will last almost a year
I am 66 now and do not have the stamina to move to a sparsly populated area and successfully survive there.
My only option is to stay put and survive with resources I can accumulate between now and then.
I am fortunate to live at the edge of a small town with a moorland stream within easy reach.
I have stockpiled food supplements and herbal remedies.
I am accumulating a supply of dried and tinned food.
I have bought a supply of vegetable seeds
I have bought a 13 gallon water carrier and water purification drops.
A problem is how I will keep warm? I do not have facilities for an open fire in my flat, so I will have to build a fire outside.
There is an area of woodland at the rear, but 'green wood' will not be burnable - I could burn my furniture in the back garden

By isolating myself I think I could survive for that year.
My only worry would be marauding gangs who would want my stores.
I live on 1st floor so am not as vulnerable as the ground floor residents, and I expect the pillaging will be directed at wealthy homes first.

Any suggestions to improve this plan will be appreciated.
Hullo margaretr. I am not going into the Mayan calendar now cos I am still learning on that one, but I will say that the general concensious, as you have said as much, is that the change will come over time and not as a shtf idea.

I will go over your situation and pick at it if I may?

Do you have a balcony?

You are lucky I think as you said you live in a small town, and that is even better. We will all need ties to others. So first of all you need to make freinds if you havent already. If you have one that knows you well, then you could talk over you and he/she getting together and living at their gaf. I am not talking of shacking up together now, but when the time comes. You should be planting those seeds now, and stocking up on the procedes of them, both seed and food can be harvested and stored. Learn 'canning' (as the yanks say) or bottling and preserving now, not later. The same for those herbal remidies. They are a brilliant and often forgotten part of living off the land. You could also learn more by having a few books at home at all times, and applying those remidies when you need them now.

Dont forget fruit seeds too.

Learn to dry your own now. You do not need an expencive bit of kit to do it. You can do it with some ply board and screws.

Look here in the gardening cat. pages 17 (the tom hanger) 22+23, 53(Fresha Tank Water Cleaner) and any of the windowsill stuff Might intrest you.

You need more water storage. Yes you need to be able to go to the srtream and get it from there, but you also need to supply and store your own. Look here and at others on the same site . Also are intresting. You will have to sort the wheat from the chaff as it were but all news is good news for us on these topics. I cant find it at the mo but there is one where a woman has gone and supplied her whole crop with her own harvested water. Harder for you where you are but now you know how, right

On storing water, if you think that the supply will run dry or be cut off, then you should fill your bath with all you can asap.

I suggest a smaller 'to and fro' carrier. You could wash at the stream too to save time and effort.
one site leads to another.

Keeping warm I will come back on soon (have to pop out) and it can be complicated.

Again, do you have a balcony?

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