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Originally Posted by jonas parker View Post
It might be time for you all to be looking for places in other countries. I'm not necessarily saying Texas (although it's fine by me if you all want to head to the USA), but check out the remote mountain and forest areas on the continent. Also, aren't there a number of small islands of the coast where a person could pretty well supply him/herself with fish and a small garden? Think a bit outside the box. Anyone reading this has internet access, so research materials are close to infinite.

There's another, darker side to consider. After 2 months of SHTF, how many people who "don't get it" would still be left in the large urban areas. The concept of masses of people abandoning the cities and surging into the countryside may possibly be flawed. Disease, starvation, robbers, and all kinds of misfortunes will thin out the ranks fairly quickly. Those unprepared might just "die in place" or die trying to get out of the urban areas. Only a small percentage of the unprepared will actually make it out for any distance.

I really feel that the survivors will be the folks who recognize the imminent collapse and are the first to leave to a safer place. The latecomers will be too late.
I think you make a really good point there, I think many people will be in a state of denial and will not try to leave till it's too late, get in to the country while you still can, cities will be hell on earth.

I have gone for a forest habitat.
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