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First of all, I feel there is some really nasty dark forces feeding on us. (but no proof) plus we all have our own shadows, unless you are just a non feeling robot. With that said, we have to learn how to see in the feeding frenzy.

Remember you may get off the ride, but your still in the amusement park.

All these “Sealed indictments” dont mean crap. just noise. We have millions of people in prisons over here, all of them have been indicted first, with many of them sealed. Plus many more millions indicted, but not sent to prison. So your looking at a big industry that feeds people. Thousands of sealed indictments a year is nothing.

The only facts we know, is that there is an investigation (by a mob) going on now for about a year. With only a few arrests. The guys arrested worked for trump. (another mob) Does that mean trump is going down? No. but in a typical investigation (by the mob) you start at the bottom and work your way to the top of the ladder. Flipping them.

That’s all we really know.

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