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Originally Posted by tommorgan View Post
Mindfulness is not really David Icke's go is it? This is an important thread but it does not surprise me that it gets a less than overwhelming reception in this community.
introspection is really important. introspection develops intuition, that a lot of people need. mindfulness is good for overcoming ego problem.

also consider that the centre of your consciousness, is sort of like an energy generator.

and like said in the matrix movie, we are like batteries

wherever you focus, energy/life grows. so looking inward sometimes helps give back energy you may have wasted being distracted by the world. this would also explain why they work so hard to control the masses, with the way they think, and with what they do. (like "they live" movie) its to direct the flux of energy a certain way

balance is key.

when i first got into mindfulness by that book. it was ego that suggests that the only way to live is to give yourself 100% to the practise. and the 3 characteristics of existence are worse than they sound. but the more i sorted myself out these 3 characteristics disappear,
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