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Thanks Ringy, great selection of videos. Have only listened to Richie so far, and that was a real eye-opener. Well done, Richie! He said he had spoken to the Lawyer Ken had consulted (Curtis Dobler,not sure how it is spelt)
Dobler confirmed Ken had paid for legal opinion from him. Richie asked for the gist of that, as the lawyer did not want to divulge what it was in full(since Ken had 'paid' for it, that was Ken's 'property' in a sense, is my best guess)
Dobler said it was 'very complicated', but hinges on European law taking precedence over domestic law. It appears from what he says, that the issue of a citizen defending themselves over charges of tax evasion/avoidance on the grounds of refusal to fund wars, is a 'grey area'.
What Ken said to Richie the day before, was that his legal defence concept was 'Liquid Gold'. That is not backed up by Curtis Dobler, or by Max Igan. Max Igan also appeared to confirm that Ken's claims are misleading, based on what he knows of Ken's legal consultation.
Richie says that no Lawyer 'worth their salt' would advise a client to use the defence of withholding tax to avoid funding a war, as it is likely to be dismissed by a judge. Even witholding a set portion of income tax on these grounds would still be a grey area. There is simply no way of guaranteeing legal protection, it is up to individual judges.
Richie said that Ken was abusing 'those who worked for him' (like Max) journalists and those who had donated to his fund. He refuses to publish his accounts, to show that he has not misused money out of the fund. Richie also played back the clip where he tried to get Ken to acknowledge his obligation to show that $115,000 dollars of fund money were used properly. All Ken did was bluster and rant.
Richie has proved his worth as an investigative journalist imo, a clear picture of Ken is emerging and it isn't pretty.
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