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Originally Posted by st jimmy View Post
Why don't you find some interesting info on Johnny "wet start" McCain instead of "condemning" other forum members for a change?!?
My mistake st "I Hate Kids Jimmy"** I thought this was a forum for people looking for the truth some what naively I assumed that meant looking for the truth and challenging false hoods rather than Looking for the Truth but only if its the right truth and agrees with what we think.

Ive condemned no one for their opinion of Mccain - All ive done is challenged 1 blatent false hood - because its that a false hood

You on the other hand lack the integrity to research anything or change your opinion when confronted with evidence - you simply dismiss it as well even if that's true I still wont accept it because create spurious reason here - you are just a tedious little prick who parrots any anti western opinion he hears -

On every thread you claim to care about victims but only if they are victims of one side - youll never condemn both sides beacsue to you Western backed bad other side must be good

Youre an imbecile and a dishonest purveyor of false facts and an alt media sheep

** Hey ive written it on the internet so its true - cant argue with that after all youre still calling Mccain wet start in face of overwhelming evidence so I need no evidence at all to call you St "Hate kids" JimmY

For the record Im doing so to make a point - I wont actually call you that again because Its not likely to be true

Edited as I was being intentionally offensive to make a point - but over stepped the mark

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