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Originally Posted by lostinstrangeworld View Post
So called Gurus and wise people like to speak of things they do not know such as the after life and God, but the irony is they are jabbering on about all this stuff while there while they are still in a physical body. Perhaps they just enjoy coming out with things that sound deep and mystical because people respect them for sounding clever.
That's very true. The sad part is it also applies to Icke. But I know he still shouldn't be compared to some random guru spouting far fetched pseudo-wisdoms.

Originally Posted by lostinstrangeworld View Post
The point of this thread is, to make people think and question that which they read.
Now is that so? Maybe I shouldn't trust what you write.

Originally Posted by lostinstrangeworld View Post
You do not need teachers to teach you, although by all means read things people have written when they felt inspired to do so....take that which resonates with your own heart and leave the rest (words can be misinterpreted).

The best place to find the answers is within....and preferably somewhere where you can sit and hear the birds and the wind blowing through the trees.

The answers can only be found from within. In theory teachers can be useful, but tough luck finding any proper ones. If you do, maybe they can ease the discovery process.

Originally Posted by lostinstrangeworld View Post
I think these new insights into science- physics- quantum physics- Nassim Haramein, etc....can also be of inspiration.....even if the left brain can't take it triggers something in our right brain; the overall grasp of the bigger picture.
Isn't that sort of contradictory? First you say we have to look within and not for teachers, but then you refer to Haramein and other "un-within" sources.

I hope all sorts of scientists were rediscovering long forgotten wisdoms, but there's also the possibility their spreading misinfo, intentionally or not.
"What lies within always has a form without and that which is without takes a shape within. Put another way, we sometimes say that which is visible must always have an invisible aspect, just as everything invisible must be represented by the visible."
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