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So since the BBC is doing a documentary on alien invasion at the Olympics that basically means that it's not going to happen, this alien invasion I mean.
Because it's not as if there going to do it on the Beeb & then it's going to happen. It’s to mainstream.
By the way when I got into trouble with people on here a few weeks ago & there was lots of arguments because I was so critical of this alien idea, when I told everyone to shut up about it, this is the exact fucking reason why, I called it before any of us even knew about this documentary & I’ve been proven right. I said that by spouting crazy theories about little green men you're giving the whole truth movement a bad name & you're supplying the enemy with the exact ammunition that need to completely discredit all of us, a theory about aliens invading at the Olympics is so ridiculous that it's gonna to get the ridicule that it deserves & reflect badly on all us, I said that weeks & months ago & with this news of this documentary I’ve been proven right so thanks a lot people. I took so much shit & probably will again now, but I said it so go & check it out for yourselves & now I’m right, it’s gonna be fucking painful sitting there watching the whole movement that I care about get torn to fucking shreds, thanks a bunch to the science fiction oriented amongst us

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