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Originally Posted by talktalk View Post
If I was David icke and Paul watson I would use this to everyones advantage!

You now finally have a chance to catch the BBC out on everything.

Heres how;

David and Paul get together and kit each other out with covert HIGH TECH audio/video so that you can expose their game if they have one or you can create your own copy after seeing theirs.

But they would probably have some sort of confidentiality agreement that says you cannot conduct your own filming

but then again you could double twist it and say you were both undercover journalists posing as conspiracy theorists therefore in the publics interest of what goes on with tax payers money!! lol.
Like Niels Harit did...
Listen to this **** Mike Ruddin attack him....this is the REAL BBC...nasty cunts, probably on MI5 payroll...
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