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Originally Posted by leighcgilbert View Post
The 'Rebel' can't create in the normal way because that creates new karma, so is - in effect - living off just one karmic 'breath' that is endlessly recycled. Energy (karma) can neither be created nor destroyed, say scientists, only transformed. Note, this is my conclusion, not Ken Carey's books.

Ken Carey was a humble man living in the forest when he channeled a mind that claimed to be a god-like entity. But I'm suspicious of the high profile New Agers who support his writing. His books were published by HarperCollins, owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also published Icke's early New Age books.

Seems -
(as UG says it here at 13:00 )

- There is only - BELIEVE -
- There is - NO Believer - the universe -
All is from the past no future
.. because the present is missing to prove itself only the past can be repeatedly circulated in somewhat changed manner of expression
as past but still in the past -
no future

Its the good point given by UG


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