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I don’t know why people find racism such a bad thing. What I mean is, I don’t know why being called a racist is such a bad thing. I am a racist myself. I am a Nazi too. But when I say this, people immediately expect me to agree that gassing the Jews was a good idea, and as soon as I say something contrary to this they immediately say, “you’re not a Nazi or a racist.” Which just goes to show that people as usual don’t know what they’re talking about.

It’s like if you go around telling people your a paedophile. They don’t respond. They would only respond if David Icke said he was a racist, Nazi and paedophile all rolled into one. People like David Icke are noticed while people like me are ignored. It’s like I’m completely invisible. I can talk about Zionism and how the elites are zionists and how the zionist agenda is about destroying natural humans.

You know, I think that the reason why people call certain people Nazi and racist and paedophile is because those there is a resultant explosion of energy resultant. ie, if DI was taken down as a Nazi, racist, paedophile it would release a lot of energy that the elite would take. It would be a mighty victory for them.

People are programmed to scream blue murder at the mention of Nazi, racist, paedophile and go into an insane panic.

Yet on the other side of the disc, the elite are out to promote racism, Nazism and paedophilia until such things are accepted as a social norm, yet at the same time, the agenda will still use such excuses as a reason to destroy someone’s career.

Clearly words are nothing more than vessels containing within them their spells and dark secrets. The secret being that the agenda controls the thoughts of artificial humans.
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