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I don't believe there's anything coordinated going on, in relation to what has happened recently , just Zionist pressure groups constantly pushing against anyone they perceive as opposing them. I expect when the charity was informed about what man U did , they collapsed too ......

This is a game of chess .... NOW IT's DAVID's MOVE ....

IMHO .... David needs to come out fighting ... He should call a press conference ! or write an open letter to the labor party/Ms green along these lines ....

Because on my website and in my books I highlight the injustices the Palestinian people are experiencing , I have become the target of Israeli lobby groups , falsely accusing me of being antisemitic, they contact every speaking venue I am due to appear at , slander my name , pressure the management to cancel my booking ....I have suffered this for many years , mostly they fail , since the slightest investigation will show there is no substance to these claims of "hate speech" or "antisemitism" .....

A few days ago A LABOR MP contacted the Man U football club , where I had booked a space for the launch of my latest book , After talking with this MP management cancelled my booking , without informing me or giving a reason...

This is not the sort of underhand action I expect from the labor party ... I invite Ms green to make any accusation she has against me on camera , in the open , with me present , where I can explain my position .... Failing this I expect a public apology ........

If I see no action from Ms green within 3 days , I shall be instructing my lawyer to sue her personally for slander , defamation of character and loss of income.

I suggest using spare cash on such a lawsuit would be of more help to humanity than handing out cash to the homeless . They will back down , they do not want this going to court, It will highlight Israeli interference in British politics , also the Palestinian cause has wide support in the UK ... crowdfunding?

The controllers will be watching very closely , if we do nothing , they will move on to the next level of the attack on free speech.

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