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If people look at porn they may very well desire sex but they sure as heck don't desire to rape someone and we are talking about 99.9999999999999999999999% of the population here who do not or ever will rape, Your drawing a conclusion based on an exception where I am drawing on the rule but sadly no matter what the rule, there will always be an exception to it, that unfortunately is a given.

Granted someone is still being raped by a very bad person but if you removed porn all together and wiped it from peoples minds can you also say that rape would disappear too.

Has Rape not been around before porn, or even the written word itself. As a caveman, wasn't the wacking on the head with the club and the dragging away to a cave sufficient enough to be called rape? assuming we even did that, possibly another thread for that debate.

I get what you mean by the law of attraction and I also think it is a very real phenomenon but I don't think it applies to rapist and victim unless you put forward the possibility that through the same law of attraction the victim wanted also to be raped.

If desire to have and desire to not have manifest in the same thing then that would negate the possibility of choice and so then placing blame for the manifestation of those desires would also be a moot point, fundamentally of course. It wasn't him it was the laws of attraction, ok but he's is still going to jail.

I am actually right with you on the LOA but this is a very tricky subject to apply it to.
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