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Interesting review about this 'documentary'...

By Captain Fibtastic (Portland, OR) - See all my reviews
Pathetic and Insane

I've watched a good bit of this now and the words and imagery are totally at odds. It's as if these women are both condemning lesbian rape and indulging in their softcore les-rape fantasies simultaneously.

Why are all the rapists kinda hot? How come all the victims seem to want it? It's just a bunch of hot chicks rolling around crying crocodile tears, pretending to be tied up. After a few minutes of each of the interminably long and carefully staged rape scenes you start to think, "If you don't like it why don't you just leave?"

This just doesn't jibe with the few actual stories told about lesbian rape, which are truly sad, and painfully trivialized by the imagery.

I think it also says something about the mush-mindedness of the women who made this thing. They're so "powerless" that fighting or fleeing would never occur to them? Pathetic.

Upon finishing the film I've decided that it's more disingenuous than that. I swear to god they shot this footage as some sort of lesbian rape fantasy porn and when they couldn't sell it as that, decided to splice in a few interviews and market it as an anti-lesbian-rape movie. It's a sexploitation flick, plain and simple. Go rent some classic 70's sexploitation if that's what you're into, at least you'll have a laugh.
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