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I think the primary reason the moon messes with our heads is because our brains float in fluid. Our bodies are mostly made of water. And the moon has a tidal effect on us. If tidal effects can move lakes and oceans, imagine what it could be doing to our minds and bodies.

If you felt particularly strange today, it's probably because all the planets, the moon, and the sun, were all out at the same time and I'm sure that has had some sort of effect on the planet. Like the unusually warm winter climate perhaps?

The moon is strange, no doubts there. But artificial? Maybe. It's apparently hollow. Seems a bit strange that a low-mass and low-gravity object would become spherical and stay hollow. With a telescope, you can see evidence of volcanism and lava flow (the 'mares'). Bit strange for a space craft. Even a crappy department store telescope allows you to observe these features.

What is strange about the moon is that the Earth-Moon size ratio is an anomaly in our solar system. The moon is huge. It's 1/4 the diameter of Earth and nearly the size of Mercury. It would be a planet if it wasn't orbiting the Earth. It's tidally locked with the same face to the Earth so it's been here for a while. It just doesn't seem likely to have been captured, it's too big.

The strangest thing about the moon is that in the Earth's sky it is the exact same size as the sun. One of the reasons that it can completely cover it during an eclipse. The odds of that are.... well let's just say it's a fucking miracle. Seriously.

Some myths speak of a time before the moon was in the sky. I don't think it is an alien space craft. But I do think something intelligent put it there.
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