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Originally Posted by the_ohmbudsman View Post
In the light of nothing happening at the 2012 Olympics - it would seem that Rik Clay did commit suicide - I heard he was taking heavy hallucinogenic drugs - these can turn your belief systems upside down in minutues - perhaps he flipped out and couldn't handle all the conspiracy theories that he'd conjured up!
I don't think Greencard would be very impressed with the level of logic you are exhibiting there Mr. Ohmbudsman. Firstly, we don't know if plans were changed by the elites due to the massive awareness about the possibility of a false flag event created in the weeks prior to the opening ceremony. Secondly, you have no evidence whatsoever about his drug intake other than 'I heard'. Pretty feeble really.
I still love the masons! Be proactive; believe in change and everyone; trust no one.
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Are you selling out your own sons, daughters, nephews and nieces? Good job! Bellboy!

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