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Originally Posted by purple rain View Post
Fuck... you're really hard of understanding. I said MM linked to them, not posted them. The intent was what... that I'm a cannibal? You're dumb.
Im dumb, you're clever, I'm small, you're big....why have your posts descended to playground level insults? I'm quite obviously not dumb..I'm highlighting something which you don't agree with. The intent was NEGATIVE, which, by application of YOUR definition, is racist.

Those who worked outside in the sun are the ones most guilty of racism of being ignorant and intolerant of other races. It's not just a stereotype of workers but of dumb ignorant white racist people.
Yet another example of your sterotypical racism. So because YOU believe that white people, who IN THE 17TH CENTURY and beyond, worked in the sun were racist (I have no idea on what factual basis) they have no recourse against insulting comments?

I was in a relationship with an American for over a year...we adored each other but he had to go home and I didn't want to move to the US. We were meant to have a long distance thing but that didn't work out...anyway, he was from Arkansas, and by stereotype, he was a 'redneck'. He was white, from a small town, he had a southern accent, liked beer and country music, owned a truck and used to hunt back home..Oh and has dad whose favouruite nibble was pickled pigs feet...he was also a democrat, extremely intelligent, fabulously well read and not in the slightest bit racist against anyone.

If I were to apply a negative sterotype to anyone who wasn't white, you'd don your spangled PC patrol outfit and rant about racism, which would be entirely correct. My point, which you either aren't understanding or accepting, is that if you make disprarging remarks about someone based solely on their race, you are, by default, behaving in a racist way.

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