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Originally Posted by zarah View Post
[COLOR="Purple"]Ummm...did she pretend to be you and post them? No. They were posted by you and the intent was quite transparent.
Fuck... you're really hard of understanding. I said MM linked to them, not posted them. The intent was what... that I'm a cannibal? You're dumb.

It isn't loaded? Is that what you've just said? Ive just illustrated how it IS loaded. You're quite clearly applying some negative stereotype to someone simply because you disagree with her opinion. When someone does that to someone who isn't white you stamp your foot and scream racism....the hypocrisy is really quite astounding.
Those who worked outside in the sun are the ones most guilty of racism of being ignorant and intolerant of other races. It's not just a stereotype of workers but of dumb ignorant white racist people.
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