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Originally Posted by zarah View Post

I think someone else provided a link to them. Have a gander a couple of pages back.

Redneck is an appropriate term why? The term comes from white people whose skin was burned from working out in the sun too only works outside no matter what the heat when one is working a menial job so obviously these people lived in poverty. It's quite clearly a pejorative term, both racially and from a class perspective.

And who is uneducated? I haven't noticed anyone in this topic who has trouble structuring a coherent sentance, apart from your friend with the tattoos.

Those links MM posted? You're as deluded as she is.

It doesn't matter that a term is pejorative, it isn't loaded the way other words it, the connotation is what matters. Uneducated trash with a white nationalist agenda are rednecks or white trash.
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