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Originally Posted by eternal_spirit View Post follow the links and see you're attacking the wrong person.

Some people will never open their eyes even though the certain doom coming is more than obvious .....

Lebanon is now 20% Christian from 60-70% and in Kosovo the Serbian people have lost their ancestral homeland because of the same thing that the Albanian hordes did.

Where these Lebanese has come to Sydney they have started to terrorize the local population there .... they have formed gangs the police can no longer control and even the police admit they now rule the streets ...

Today's news from Germany buries the fact that the gang rapists of a 13 year-old were likely Arab Muslim immigrants:

Shock in Berlin as Suspected Rapists Freed

Nowhere is the news reported that this is part of a gang rape epidemic sweeping areas with high Arab Muslim immigration.

As is the case with young Arab Muslims throughout the West, teenage girls are generally forbidden to go out, leaving separatist gangs of predatory Arab Muslim males with highly misogynist attitudes. Harassment of females has therefore exploded throughout the West, most shockingly demonstrated in the recent phenomenon of gang rape for sport. Listed below is the evidence.

While these cases are primarily not related to the core group of committed Islamists within Arab Muslim immigrant populations, there is some "trickle-down" of attitudes so it is also worth noting the rape aspects of Jihad ideology as well: The Rape Jihad.

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