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I don't agree with racism in any form, I don't generally agree with religion as causes more problems & the message gets pushed to the side. But I do have a problem with how mystic molly gets joy out of seeing other races suffer.

Mystic Molly, if the white race is so great why don't you get them to sort out those pesky reptillians who one minute you are making love to & the next saying they are harassing you?

And know I'm not being racist & am mixed race, my mother is white & my partner is white. I see flaws in everyone race & creed & it is usually down to social conditions rather than race.

I feel that if there is an alien NWO agenda, you are the perfect vehicle Mystic Molly, to spread it further....How can I trust anything you say when you say yourself that these pesky critter bastard reptillians won't stop playing with you at night?! Surely it is not only your body that they are defiling.

Also, it is a shame that you show more love for child abusing space critters than your fellow human...
Jesus is not Horus.
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