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Default Watch the video! She was warned of danger

Originally Posted by mister View Post
I think they are waiting for the 11 febuary to take her of life support
That way she will die on the same date that Whitney died on.
Leolah warned Kristina Bobbi Brown that her life was in danger YEARS ago in 2012! I think that some Freemasons did it or that she is a ritual sacrifice. I think that the doctors may let her go on Saturday because Saturday is holy to jews as Sunday is to Christians. She was intended as a Saturday sacrifice.

They are using the same drug story that they used for Michael Jackson. They gave her drugs then when she was passed out placed her FACE DOWN in the bathtub. Who bathes FADEDOWN. It was intended for her to drown and for this to be blamed on a suicide from drugs but when you look at her being placed FACE DOWN it's appear that someone put drugs in her drinks or food watched her pass out and placed her in a bathtub! This was murder! Or atleast ATTEMPTED - MURDER!

They are trying to create a story while contemplating the possibility of her surviving. Watch the video
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