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Originally Posted by eurosianguy View Post
You can put a monkey in front of a typewriter and odds are it will type a few real words now and again. That doesn't mean I am going to read the book.

But hey each to their own right?
I think comparing the information that Infowars puts out to a monkey hammering on a keyboard is a bit disingenuous. The guy is flying a plane over US cities towing a banner saying "Hilary for Prison". I suppose that's an irrelevant fight for all the AJ bashers too I guess.

As I said before, Infowars puts out a good amount of decent information, you don't have to believe it all, in fact, don't believe any of it, go check for yourselves. It's an information feed that is current, updated in real time and done in a pretty slick manner. It's a tool, like google is, use it to your advantage.
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