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which is amazing, because their is a lot of 'good entertaining stuff' about. I cant even begin to imagine how good music could actually truly sound.

whats allowed, pushed, plays into limitation, separation, pick a side sort of stuff.

eg Rage against the machine .. Sure their message is in theory good but If we followed them to a tea their would be crazy amounts of bloodshed.

almost all recorded stuff is not even truly replicated, they have fucked with tuning for a while now and more recently recording around ww2.

There's probably not a person alive on this planet who knows what the 'best music' sounds like. Who would be born tuned to it based on their environment?

now before any 'music's subjective' get thrown about, I'd politely like to poo poo on that already and say if that's what you're going to, then I haven't explained myself well enough.
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