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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post

Best I've done is record the shadow of the Transit of Venus on a piece of white paper using reversed binoculars back in 2012. The next one isn't until 2117.
i took some pictures of Venus transiting across the face of the Sun, back in 2002, 2003 or something like that - using different filters etc, on an SLR with a zoom lens.

Pretty cool

i saw Saturn one time when some guy set up a telescope in Nottingham and we were just walking by in the park - 'what you doin' Mr?'

i doubt it's some big conspiracy that we're not seeing feeds etc - because people don't necessarily think it's worthy of their time to look at.

That guy in Wollaton Park, he didn't have a huge crowd around him or anything, just a few nosey bastards like me wondering what he was up to.

i thought he was UFO spotting, and if he'd set up a sign saying 'spot the ufo' my guess is he'd have a much bigger hit rate with the general public - who are more interested in what twats like Gemma Collins or Robbie Williams are up to than what is happening in the wider universe around them.

Put up a video on YT with the headline 'Saturn viewed through telescope' v a video called 'Gemma Collins shows her arse' and see which gets most hits in its first hour

See what i did there - Gemma Collins arse is about as big as Saturn, so it's a comparable thing

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