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Maybe this person is working for the film company.
Maybe they are using an early 2 way radio to talk to the director about the scene.

If not then they could be an a cop using a 2 way radio to talk to the station.
We do not know if this person is a lady, or a man dressed as a lady, maybe for the purpose of being undercover?

The way this person walks looks like they are carrying something heavy in the opposit hand to which they are holding a device to the ear.
Is it a bag, Or could this be a battery like the early Motorola things ?
Motorola began developing two-way radio communications equipment in 1930.

I would imagine the film makers would have access to this technology.
So i am going to go down the " its film crew giving feedback to the director or cameraman using an early 2 way radio" which would explain why the person turns and looks at the camera before being faded out..

what ya think ?
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