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Originally Posted by los_nomo View Post
People should go to a movie set or anyplace that is being filmed by studios. Everything in a shot is controlled. They shoot what they want you to perceive. If they want you to think that every person in the scene is a just another person on the street, that is what you will see.
Unless there was a 'lot' or studio to film on then most stuff was done guerilla style. It is seen all the time in movies of this sort, where the camera men set-up their gear and film the actors doing the do, and in the background, you will see the spectators. This was to save cash of course.

As the movies got more sufisti-micated they would endevour to lose the veiwing audiance in the cimima within the movie. This was to enable the make belive to stay untill the end.

INMHO, the shot of the zebra was a simple 'grab and bag' guerilla event. With the crew egging folk on to make it look normal, and not pay the privilage.

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