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Arrow The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come is a work of science fiction by H. G. Wells, published in 1933, which speculates on future events from 1933 until the year 2106. The book is dominated by Wells's belief in a world state as the solution to mankind's problems.(the mess created by the Elites in the 1st place).Ordo ab chao.

As a frame story, Wells claims that the book is his edited version of notes written by an eminent diplomat, Dr. Philip Raven, who had been having dream visions of a history textbook published in 2106, and wrote down what he could remember of it. It is split into five separate sections or "books":

Today And Tomorrow: The Age of Frustration Dawns - The history of the world up to 1933.

The Days After Tomorrow: The Age of Frustration - 1933-1960.

The World Renascence: The Birth of the Modern State - 1960-1978.

The Modern State Militant - 1978-2059.

The Modern State in Control of Life - 2059 to New Year's Day 2106.

Wells predicted (Inside Information) a Second World War breaking out with a European conflagration from the flashpoint of a violent clash between Germans and Poles at Danzig. Wells set the date for this as January 1940...

The book displays one of the earliest uses of the C.E. (Christian Era or Common Era) calendar abbreviation, which was used by Wells in lieu of the traditional A.D. (Latin Anno Domini).

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