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Off course, jews are the group wich better arrived in western society because they have been practising the basic activities of modern world since dark middle age. Clearly, this attitude lead jews and people with hebrew backgroung to be prominent among the western and russian elites.
But however, apart from the existence of particular hebrew circles wich want the "hebrew" take over of the planet, in the circles of elites there are also totally not-jew persons who are not better, so if "hebrew power" has sense according to statistical misures, does not have a sense because not hebrew members matter such as the jews. So it's correct to speak about neo-aristocratic, or esoteric, or capitalistic cospiracy.
Furthermore, in this years they are emerging other economic actors like China, where there are not jews at top of the respective elites. Those people are not better.
Then, to conclude, the variuos african, WASP, latin, etc. servants and prostitutes are guilty like their masters, jew or not jew are.

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