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In a sense the OP has a point I agree with. That "Jewish Control" is used strategically when it's more complicated than that at the top of the pyramid. I would guess the Jewish elements of the conspiracy are about mid level in the pyramid give or take.

If you want to know who the top of the pyramid is, look at who has the technology. Doesn't matter who was top before that(if there even was one), once the electronic control grid(mind control tech) was set up whoever controls that is the true rulers of the world.

I may have missed it in the OP but if he didn't put the element of discrediting people who speak against the "jewish conspiracy" as anti-semites it's missing a big part of it. If the "elites" did use the Jewish as a strategic scapegoat, a big part of it is discrediting those who find out about this element of the conspiracy by labeling them anti-semites.
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