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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
I think it is foremost an occult conspiracy which pulls people in who are in alignment with it but at its core it is driven by bloodlines
I agree 100%. I think the bloodlines lead back to the angelic/demonic forces described in the Bible. Pretty much every culture on earth speaks of these metaphysical/extraterrestrial/spiritual/demonic forces. Like David Icke says this is why these bloodlines like to inter marry to keep whatever supreme geneology they possess as pure as possible.

Jews, christians and muslims are all sucked into it in different ways, but i think from listening to your posts here for a while you seem to WANT a state-socialist world government and you seem to criticise anyone who offers any resistance to that.
Nope I don't want anything run by these people in charge. They would never allow any real socialism anyways.
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